Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter Series #4)

Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh Rating: 4 ninety-six percent flawless stars and one four percent miserable, unnecessary turn offMy opinion:  Ok, I will be going for honest here. I read this book over three weeks ago. It'd be a lie if I told you I have everything completely fresh, but I have a good picture of most of it. That's good, right? Or is it?  Nalini Singh doesn't waste ink, that's for sure. Archangel's Blade started with a one-page memory of Dmitri and by the end of it I was already teary-eyed and in need of a break. From there it went uphill. Up to page 300 (of 310) I was so incredibly confident this was going to be my favorite Guild Hunter book, and probably an all-times favorite as well. When I say that before that page 300 bullshit this book was perfect, I'm not lying. Maybe Dmitri wasn't my chosen one among the Seven, but we see him in a whole different light here. I found myself enjoying rather than being disgusted by his pain-pleasures and addicted to his toxic ways and inhuman mind. I never said I wasn't a little twisted myself, did I? Anyway, this guy gave me all the feelings. One minute I was lusting over him, the next one I wanted to comfort him, and out of nowhere I was cheering for his torture skills. Archangel's Blade really is the perfect name for this book, and for him. That's what he is, Raphael's second and in a way an extension of him, a bloody one. And if there's something I love about this author is who she doesn't turn her male leads into forgiving, soft pets when they fall in love. If anything, they'll become even more violent when possessiveness kicks in. And it always does. It always does. I'm not a fan of all of Nalini's female leads (yes, I'm talking especially about Talin and possibly Katya), but I can say that most of the time this non-changing rule also applies to the women in her books. Whether they are dominant or submissive, it doesn't matter. They have essence and will, which is not completely destroyed by a pair of nice eyes and a six-pack. Honor is no different. You see, what I found really interesting about her is that she's not your average badass. Elena is great, but she's not the most original character you'll ever read about. She is unique, because the little details make her that, but in the big picture she enters in my most certainly beloved kickass and bad temper stereotype. Honor somehow manages to hit a place somewhere in between having both her intellect and control, yet being a physical fighter and steel-willed. I know, these aren't exclusive. Except they tend to be, for better or for worse. However, Honor is a library geek who will shoot you in between the eyes if you fuck with her or her friends. Hell, the woman has been abused, so she'll probably kill you if you try to freaking touch her. And talking about scars, aren't them both so fucked-up Raphael and Elena with their intense family issues would be proud? I like traumatized people because I'm a masochist that needs no weak, shiny, happy people. I say the deeper the cut the better.  Now, now. I don't want you to get all excited. You know why? Do you really want to know what killed this book for me, and I'm still not over it almost a month and several other books later? Last ten pages. Last ten completely unnecessary pages that added nothing, just ruined the reasons why I loved the romance in the book. Those who have read it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Those you haven't, you will see it coming, but you'll try desperately not to believe it because it's a big, fat fucking NO. Oh, yeah, I'm bitter. And damn, I have the right.“I will love you even when I am dust on the wind.”- Alive or Undead ~ 2013 -