Easy - Tammara Webber Originally posted at Alive or Undead.Rating: 4.5My opinion: This book was simply outstanding. I was honestly impressed. Truth is, the description of the book didn't give much away, other than it was a story of two people with their own secrets and traumas, but nothing more. I stepped into Easy only knowing that I liked the guy from the cover and praying the love interest had such a cool hair. The first scene is literally our protagonist, Jacqueline, almost getting raped and being saved by a mysterious Lucas. After the first chapter I already knew there was no coming back, I had to know how everything was going to play out. This may have been what got me into it, but the way it the author managed the characters' situation was what kept me reading. Both, Jacqueline and Lucas, had incredibly depressing and intense stories. The kind of backgrounds you are most likely to read in a fantasy book, where everything is ten times more tragic because it's not just our reality but also the one of the world we're reading about. However, this was just a little nice surprise. What stunned me was the fact that the book wasn't overly dramatic, even tough the situations were treated with an incredible amount of reality. I had truly never read such a... flawless combination. I just wish more books took this technique. The characters were very real as well. Jacqueline didn't make irrational decisions, Lucas was understandably secretive without becoming annoying, Kennedy was just the kind of douche we all met in school, Erin was a badass best friend, and basically every character I could relate with someone I knew. Jacqueline and Lucas' love story didn't felt rushed at all, which I'm incredibly grateful for. In just one book, Tammara created enough build-up for us to go through the different phases that lead to falling in love. By the end of the book, I didn't doubt of their love and trust or future together. Although they weren't an expected couple, they fit perfectly. Watching them fall in love made me fall in love with them. Like I said, this book was outstanding. It dealt amazingly well with some subjects most aren't up to taking, made me laugh out loud and didn't make me roll my eyes once. With its great pace, just the necessary description, and adorable and heartbreaking details, this might have become one of my new favorite Contemporary Romances."Love is not the absence of logicbut logic examined and recalculatedheated and curved to fitinside the contours of the heart."