Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley   In The Kevster's words, "Dudette!" I think you should really re-consider reading a book whose reviews start like that. Anyway, this book was bat-shit crazy. Off the edge. Hilarious madness. Unpredictably original. Unfortunately, I guess there's only so much craziness a girl can take. It's good I'm a goner in the metal department.  At first, I marked Rock Chick as a nope read. You say not to judge a book by its cover, but look at that. It's so fucking pink and girly I want to punch babies and make rude gestures at nuns to recover the balance of the world. I just couldn't do that. Somehow, my sister convinced me to buddy read this with her and that's how it all started. May I say that she gave up somewhere after the fifty percent? Because I'm calling it, and considering the next time we do this. At the very least, I'm choosing the book. It's going to be some black, white and red spooky thing about vampires and guns. And there's going to be some scarred, rich, dark-haired, green-eyed dude who uses sarcasm so much we're going to be choking on it. And an assassin as a heroine who is even funnier than the guy. Where do I get one of those? With a great side-kick on top.  Back to the book, holy crap. This was a crazy, crazy ride. I'm not exaggerating, so if you're reading this, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Featuring Indy―sometimes funny, sometimes retarded, mostly both―, and Lee―control freak, overly jealous-possessive―, the story starts when she runs away from a gun fire with Rosie, the Coffee Maker, and needs help to get a bag of diamonds and shelter. Nice Lee says he'll do it for a night of accumulated passion, to which Indy responds with one big WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Surprisingly, it's not because she's horrified by the idea, but it turns out Lee and Indy are childhood friends, and she spent a good decade throwing herself at him. He claimed not to be interested, that he saw her as a sister, yet ten years later he's asking, no, demanding for her to be in his bed. That's when the kidnappings (yes, as in, more than one), drag duties, Rosie-chasing, bed-cuffing, and so much more start. Even if I do complain about the length and think it should have been at least a hundred pages shorter, I can't say this book has a slow pace. Thing after thing happens to Indy, making her already wild life a place where she can no longer take her most needed Disco Naps. This adds to the craziness, because it never stops, but it also makes you feel somehow more than good with it.  Other than the length, it was the characters that made me lower the rating. Honestly, it was weird. What I loved about the main characters is also what I hated so much. Indy's recklessness and childishness is what made her so damn funny. After all, she herself admitted that she hadn't truly grown up. Still, her acting as a kid got to me more than once. My sister qualified her as tstl, and sometimes she appears that, but I kind of liked her anyhow. The same happened with Lee. I loved how sure he was about India, how he wanted to take care of her and would not allow her to let go out of stubbornness and fear. But I'll be damned if he didn't cross the line more than once. HE FUCKING CUFFED HER TO A BED SO SHE WOULDN'T LEAVE! TWICE! The only thing that made Lee's jealousy and possessiveness bearable at times was the fact that Indy didn't let him get away with it. For all the childishness, she was an independent woman who needed no man to be happy. He did make her happier, though.  Overall, this book has its up and downs, as well as factors that you cannot possibly predict how you're going to react to. One star for how freaking much it made me laugh. One star for the refreshing madness. And one and a half star for The Kevster, Tex, Ally, Tod, Rosie, Terry, Darius, and all the secondary characters that made this book SUPER MEGA FOXY TOTALLY AWESOME!“We’re not exactly together and were not, not together. We’re in together-limbo. We’re test-driving together to see if we want to buy it.”- Alive or Undead ~ 2013 -