Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1) - Abbi Glines Rating: 1.5 obnoxious stars (because I did like one scene)My opinion:  I walked right into this one. Oh, yes, I did. I could blame it on the fact that it was for a challenge, but it'd have never appeared there if it hadn't been on my list to read. How do I even begin?  There are way too many things I absolutely despised about this book, and I'll be damned but I'm not sure if I can choose the worst of them all. The writing was childish, cheesy, unbearable. It was also confusing. I don't think it was a complete lack of skills that made the prose so annoying, but the people telling the story. They were very little the moments where I could see through other people that the author could do better, was able to create semi-complex characters. However, Sadie and Jax were so obnoxious that I was left wondering if somehow it was on purpose, maybe we were supposed to love to hate their stereotypes and hypocrisy. After all, there are people who like Wuthering Heights, which doesn't make either of the books less awful for me. As if their abhorrent personalities weren't enough, their relationship was so poorly done that a cliche Disney movie could have managed it better. Jax treated Sadie like a prize to be won, a propriety. And, dear God I don't believe in, she liked it. For a person who claimed to want independence, or for a person at all, she gave herself away unacceptably too quickly and with no reserves. Damn, the girl had no self-respect, and no reasons for me to respect her. I felt for her when it came to issues with her mother and responsibility, but she clouded all that sympathy by simply accepting all the bad given to her―instead of fighting it―, and by becoming a weak and selfish child when life fought her―opposed to the strong, selfless woman we are supposed to believe her to be. And, please, let's not even begin with Jax. Basically, boring, martyr, "flawless" boys are not my thing. Simple explanation, like his character.  What's so sad about this book is, I think, that it had potential. It wasn't an original or special in any way premise, but had Abbi Glines treated it differently, developed what was promising and left aside the cheesy cliche in its most basic, it could have turned into a happy, entertaining, lazy read. She destroyed it. Breath was an epic failure I only finished because I had made a compromise to do so, otherwise I might had left it aside as soon as the bullshit begun, which was literally the prologue.“I might never breathe again once he walked away from me.”- Alive or Undead ~ 2013 -