Exclusively Yours - Shannon Stacey Rating: 3.5 promising stars Review or rant? Fuck, I have no idea. But sure as hell unpopular opinions, and some others not so much. You see, I didn't like this book for the same reasons everyone else did. I have read reviews who focus mainly, or only, on how freaking sweet, hot and exciting Joe is. I'm not disagreeing here, ladies. Him and all the Kowalskis are utterly entertaining. I'm not a fan of series of brothers/cousins/etc., but I'll gladly make an exception for this family. Still, it wasn't the most original thing. People also highlight the humor, and I'm there, as well. There are some hilarious moments. A nice amount of them. However, all of this wasn't what stood up for me. Two things did, one really good and the other really bad. Keri and Terry. Let's just get it out there, no one gives Keri enough credit. Not in the book or in the reviews. She is a strong, independent, ambitious businesswoman. Albert Einstein said that if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. I found it infuriating how people judged Keri on her camping skills, especially the ones you need with the adventurous Kowalski family. The way I see it, she did pretty well. Maybe she spent her youth in Joe's town, but she's a city woman. Between the little demons their parents liked to call children, the four-wheeling, Terry's bitchy and irrational attitude (I'll be going deeper on that later), Joe's seduction, Stephanie's teenage angst, the pressure of the family thinking she was there to reunite with her high school sweetheart, the bugs and other evils, her boss' threats, that uncomfortable bed, the communal showers/bathrooms, AND ALL THE SHIT THAT COMES WITH CAMPING THAT I HATE SO MUCH, I'm surprised Keri did that well. She's committed to her job, yet she respects Joe's rules when she could have ruined him. She tries to get along with the family. Some call her a stuck-up or a pansy, but I'd like to see Terry in the middle of a big city, doing her job. Not a pretty view. If this woman isn't worth all your respect, you're wrong. I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That still doesn't mean you're right. And then there's fucking Terry. She alone made me lower the rating one and a half stars. If she had just been a secondary character I could have dealt with it. BUT SHE WAS THE THIRD POINT OF VIEW. Why would you do that? I hated her, and I didn't love to do it. I was honestly disgusted by her personality, and a part of me is angry she got her happy ending. She sure didn't do anything to deserve it. If someone is stuck-up, it's her. During her scenes, I was constantly wondering why she thought she was so much better than Keri, when she couldn't handle a family or a job. At least Keri got one right. I'm not sure why her husband ever married her, and I felt sorry for her daughter. I despised her with a burning passion. A month has passed since I read this and I still get angry thinking about her. Well, since this was a contemporary romance, I guess I should talk about Keri and Joe. But I don't feel like it. They were fun and sweet. I could mention that both characters and the relationship by itself felt refreshingly realistic, but I'm not sure it made the book more entertaining. Simply easier to believe, and that's appreciated. Overall, I did enjoy the book, even if I couldn't let go of my hate—or wanted to. This series appears promising, and I'm especially excited for the third book.“Instead of someday meeting the woman he was meant to spend the rest of his life with, maybe he’d simply met her again.”- Alive or Undead ~ 2013 -