Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward Rating: 3.5 unsure stars Lately I've been writing reviews in which I share my opinion in a general sense. Both because it's easier for me to write and because it's shorter for you to read. Actually, if we're being honest, I just write what my heart tells me to. Or that's what I tell people when they ask me how did I do at some test at school. However, this time I have to sit down, move my fingers through the keyboard and address several points. I feel like if I do this I will finally find myself comfortable with the rating I gave this book. You see, this precious was a tricky one, so unbalanced. There were people and plots I absolutely loved, while a lesser amount yet really important made me want to scream and break things. When someone asks me whether I want the bad or good news first I say, give me the worst you've got. And, darling, do I have some awful to tell. Marissa. Fucking. Vampires don't have last names for me to emphasize her. Just thinking about her turns me violent. At first I just didn't care. In the previous books she was plain boring, but I expected this to get better with the so-called character development I was promised. Granted, she changes in some aspects. As the story progresses, she imposes herself a rule of not making her decisions based on what the glymera, snobs who claim to be the higher class, think. Problem is, the thing that rules her choices isn't a group of bitches and assholes, it's Marissa's very clear personality. She's selfish and, especially, coward. She wants to be on the big leagues, but when things get tough she runs away and blames others. Even when she realizes her mistakes, I didn't feel regret coming off her. There are different ways of being a strong woman, you don't need to kick ass and cut your hair short like Xhex. I understood that the weak being who wouldn't stand up to her brother at first is what society made her, and even when I didn't like her I could see where the character was going, how this was going to change. What I could not possibly stand is that we were supposed to see her as something positive just because she would no longer let other people think for her. I mean, that was great. Marissa doing things for herself was something good to see. But that didn't take away her cowardice, selfishness and refusal to truly acknowledge the previous. Having said this, I do not understand why Butch fell in love with Marissa. It made me nervous how stupid he turned when it came to her. He's not my type, but I respect his person most of the time and I find him incredibly interesting. The way I see it, the guy was so empty and lonely that when the brothers asked him to come with them, he had absolutely no regrets. There is something to be said about a life not worth giving a fuck. Or, possibly, there's nothing to be said. In Lover Revealed, Butch finds himself realizing that his life hadn't change all together, he was still in a way the one who didn't fit. I loved how fearlessly he worked through his problem, AND I ABSOLUTELY HATED HOW HE WAS WILLING TO THROW EVERYTHING AWAY FOR A CHICK WHO WOULD NOT CHANCE PAIN FOR THE BIGGEST OF HAPPINESS. It was a real contrast how brave he was while she couldn't have been more coward. Now, what was a the biggest piece of work is how she made him a coward and he made her act on her cowardice. The question is, what the actual fuck? So, she is pretty and he is dangerous, what a great couple! No, simply no. It's a bad pairing, it just isn't healthy or good or fair for the worthy parts of the deal and those affected by it. Because it doesn't end there. Thanks to our lovely lady, people got hurt. Vishous, for starters. If you don't want to go there, let's just say Butch. Or the people he dismissed to please Marissa. In the words of the crazy fandoms all over the world, I can't. When it comes to this, I. Just. Can't. And I want to go there. Let's talk about the one and only: Vishous, one of the five important people (Z, Fritz, Wellsie, John) I didn't hate at some point in the series, so far. Man, how hard did he have it for Butch? It was almost funny the innocent way in which he discovered his attraction and, let's be honest, love for our brave hero. Why these two weren't the main couple of the book, I do not understand. Butch and V worked so preciously I almost cry. The connection was so strong, and it wasn't one-sided. For the most part, I thought B only loved him as a brother. Honestly, to this moment I can't confirm otherwise, but there was this one moment when I could have really argued. So much potential wasted with one beautiful "Trahyner". Or was it? Them being friends, that I do not disagree with in any way. I just think it was more. After all, the best couples come from people who are both friends and lovers, become family. Butch and Marissa never were friends. When he told her his secrets it felt forced and unbelievable. Yet V told B when he lost his visions, and Vishous was the only one who knew how Butch's family treated him. Those conversations weren't even on page and they were stronger. What does that say about the different relationships? And I know I'm not the only one who thought this, just one who really wanted to talk about it. Right now, I just really hope they don't dismiss V and B's relationship in Lover Unbound. That rant out, I didn't hate the book. At all. For once, I wasn't bored by the lessers. O is back, and he wants to be gone. So he seeks the one person who can set him free from the Omega's hands. I'm not saying who this person is, just that this story was so much better than previous lessers', and it was truly connected to the main characters'. We were also able to see what was left of John after Wellsie and Thor's different departures. This was probably my favorite part of the book. The angst killed me, and I expect some kind of happiness for the guy now that he has friends and all. Talking of friends, I met the famous Blay and Qhuinn. Oh, boy. I'm going to have fun punching things, am I not? It is kind of sad that I spent so long ranting and so little sharing the awesomeness, but don't let it fool you. I had a better overall feeling than I thought I would, and I'm really excited about V's book. “United by their clasped hands, they became again the two halves, the light and the dark. The Destroyer and the Savior. A whole.”A WHOLEA BIT OF INFORMATION ABOUT THE READERS' RESPONSE TO THE BOOK: 532 people liked this quote, while only 34 people liked this quote, and both are each couple's highest on Goodreads. I'm just saying, these are facts.- Alive or Undead ~ 2013 -