Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward Rating:My opinion:  One hell of a ride, that's what this book was. Everyone's favorite, and apparently mine too, so far. It was a roller coaster of feelings that went one time up, two down, one up, three down, and so on. By the near end of it I was so caught in the despair from the overall plot going on that just for a moment I forgot Bella and Zsadist hadn't gotten their happily ever after yet, which is the number two rule to Paranormal Romances. The first one is that there must be sex and overprotective, overpossessive, overconfident males. You know, it's weird, because in all the reviews people mostly describe Z's story, which was the hardest of them all, if I'm being honest. But there's much more than that. Why don't people talk about Bella's strenght and will? Phury's addictions and self-destruction? John pushing away his new family in fear of his past and his struggles with the future? Rehv's situation and mystery? O's plain madness? Zsadist may have lost his feelings, but there's a peace to the numbness. He's an extraordinary addition, one that stayed true to himself through the whole book while still developing, which I deeply appreciated. He is my favorite brother, and favorite character other than Fritz. But what about the rest? I felt hopeless while Bella was under David's hands. I wanted to scream when I heard of Phury saving his twin, having lost almost everything. And, damn, I feel a constant hurt during the whole last fifteen percent of the book. It was one thing after another, after another. I cried, okay? I literally struggled to breath normally. Lover Awakened was so intense from the beginning to the end, and everything in the middle. I can't possibly talk about every single thing specifically, because it'd take forever. But I can say it was simply outstanding. Bravo.“I'm not broken, I'm ruined. Do you understand the difference? With broken maybe you can fix things. Ruined? All you can do is wait to bury me.”- Alive or Undead ~ 2013 -