Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward Rating:My opinion:*warning* I wrote this review last night and I was tired, then I checked it this morning when I was also tired. I'm not doing it again now because I am so incredibly tired as well. Don't hate me if there are mistakes or I just start rambling.  This is probably just going to be me fangirling big time, but this book was so good in so. Many. Levels. I mean, I liked Dark Lover. I had some issues with the pacing and the insta-lust/love, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. The idea of the Brotherhood and their fight against the lessers, as well as the world in general, was very interesting. Even the generic writing didn't bother me by the end of it. However, it didn't really wow me. Because of this, I took my time to pick up the series again. I waited, like, a whole month. That's a lot in Camilaland, a place full of sass, cats and chicken nuggets. Why did it took me so long? Seriously. In a way, it's obvious these two books are from the same author. I've found J.R. Ward's writing is different from what I usually read. I mean, the vampire dudes call the chicks "females". In their face. I shit you not. For some reason this took some getting used to, but I ended up understanding it's just one more thing that makes these vampires special. Anyway, there are multiple ways in which this book was alike its precedent. And still, it's unbelievable how much more I loved this one. If you think about it, I only gave it one more star and I did have some little issues, but it was the little details that made Lover Eternal different from Dark Lover. It's like every section of the book was improved a bit, and that made all the difference.  First of all, the main characters. Now, if you read my updates, you know Mary didn't become my all times favorite female lead. Still, I liked her better than Beth. The leukemia story was interesting and she was so tough. In spite of not handling knives and guns, she was a warrior. It was hard to see her life coming so quickly to an end, the unfairness in it. And I understood her stubbornness and I saw where the self-denial and refusal to love came from. But, you know what? It still wasn't fair for Rhage. The blondie was a heart-breaker, and he took mine and turned it to pieces several times. In the end, they truly made sense as a couple, way more than Beth and Wrath. I rooted for them. However, there are some scenes where Mary doesn't treat Hollywood as I would have liked, and it bothered me. Not enough to make me rate the book lower, yet enough to complain about it here.  Then there's the secondary characters. Fritz remains my favorite of all doggens, vampires, humans, lessers, and every being in the series. I honestly don't see that changing anytime soon. His driving skills shown in this book only made my love stronger, unbreakable. (I'm not kidding, just for your information.) Other than the butler everyone must worship, here we were given more information about some characters and met some others. Zsadist is, obviously, someone who caught my attention. I believe he might be my favorite, but choosing a brother without having read all the books—or having read them all, I suspect—is impossible. I'm so glad the next book is about him and Bella, a lovely lady I was amazed with and left worried about. Z's twin, Phury, I am also intrigued about. Truly, all the brothers. As well as John Matthew, probably a future brother (and past brother, but I don't want to rush with my theories). And even though I wasn't talking about cray-cray, psychotic people, O's POV was so much more enjoyable than Mr. X's. Granted, sometimes I wanted to take those tiny bits and shove them in J.R. Ward's place where the sun doesn't shine, but they were important for the general arc. Also, O really scared me a couple of times.  Overall, Lover Eternal was full of win and I couldn't put it down. Now I'm headed for the most anticipated installment of the series. If it's as good as this one, I can feel the awesomeness from here. Wish me luck.“It was right then and there that she'd realized there was no quota on misery for people, no quantifiable threshold that once reached, got you miraculously taken out of the distress pool.”- Alive or Undead ~ 2013 -