Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh Originally posted at Alive or Undead.Rating: 4.5My opinion: I am a great Nalini Singh fan. I truly am. I was introduced to her Psy-Changeling series barely months ago, but in that very little time I found myself loving her. She has, indeed, become one of my favorite authors. Maybe even my favorite PRN author. Because of this, it took me some time to pick up her Guild Hunter series. I really, really hate angels, and I kind of didn't want to take her off the pedestal I had put her in. However, I didn't need to. While not exactly the same as the other saga, especially considering this world is quite different from her Psy-Changeling one and the story is about one particular main couple, this book was all her. The multiple points of views, her constant descriptions of people's body parts—in a good way, really, and by body parts I don't mean just sexually—, the believable conversations, her clear obsession with possessive people. It was all I expected with a little angelic touch I very much loved. Like I was saying, this was all Nalini, which means strong, well-thought characters. I mean, was that hotness a little stereotypical? Well, yeah, in a way. There was a blond chick and a guy with a six-pack, but I'd never confuse Raphael and Elena with any other characters, and that means success in my book. You know what? I'm not even going to get deep into them, but I'd like to remark two things that most certainly caught my attention and made me love this book even more. Two things that I don't really remember seeing so clearly in any other book. Ever. First of all, Raphael not only recognized Elena as a weakness, he also accepted what that meant and that it could be also a strenght for him. I was dumbfounded, too. He embraced that little bit human she made him, took it as something every immortal needed. He didn't need several books to figure his shit out, and then when he did, ignore it *cough* Ethan Sullivan *cough*. And Elena. She actually admitted to herself and the rest of the world when she was scared shitless, but faced her enemies regardless. And she accepted help. All of this without losing her very proud personality. I was amazed, you'll imagine. This two traits are so rare in main characters. To be honest, I wish we had them more. They cut the irritating part of the stories and actually take you to the point. Overall, this was a great book. The romance between Elena and Raphael had a pace I was surprisingly pleased with. The world-building was so amazing. The humor was all good. And some things unsolved, such as the little excerpts of Elena or Raphael's past, left me wanting for more.“This was the kind of job that made legends out of hunters. Of course, to be a legend, you generally had to be dead.”