Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover Originally posted at Alive or Undead.Rating: 3.5/5My opinion: I've been saying this a lot lately, but this book was seriously not what I expected. Sue me, but it's true. I expected a cute and heartbreaking story about a high-school girl and some hot college boy. I expected the book to be called Slammed because, I don't know, it slammed your heart. I mean, I am the girl who thought that Looking for Alaska was the story of a boy looking for Alaska, as in Alaska the big piece of ice and other freezing things. This usually plays out well for me in life, because I love good surprises, but I also hate bad disappointments. This was neither. It was simply something I, well, didn't expect. I loved all the characters except maybe Layken. It's not that I hated her, I just was confused by her. I think that through the book she needed to find a balance between being too selfless and too selfish. And, even though she made an incredible progress, she still has some more to do. There are, after all, two more books. Will was perfect for the part he was given. While I enjoy bad boys and their sarcastic comebacks, it was nice to see a good, honest guy for a change. His poetry was beautiful, and he did teach Lake to put emphasis in life, not death. And his love for his little bother was endearing. Seriously, without Kell and Caulder the book wouldn't have been the same. Seeing the two little boys in their innocence was like a wake up call, in a way. Because, awkwardly, they deal better than grown-ups. I also really liked all of Lake's new friends, especially Eddie. Her story was heartbreaking. I guess that the only reason why I'm not giving this book more stars is the writing. Don't get me wrong, it was good! But I, personally, didn't like something about it. It happens to me a lot with contemporary books. It probably was something about it being way too... open? Specific? Like, some things were told way too straight-forward for me, and some conversations didn't seem completely real. And, most importantly, some of the slams I simply couldn't truly appreciate. I recommend the book because I KNOW this is something personal, a problem most might not have. It was a nice read and I'm looking forward to the next book.“Life wants you to fight it.Learn how to make it your own.”