Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2) - Colleen Hoover Rating: 4.5My opinion: To be completely honest, I'm not sure if it just wasn't my day when I was reading Slammed, but Point of Retreat was so much better. As in, I want to buy it on paper right now and mark all my favorite quotes better. I know most people prefer the first one, but for me it was one more contemporary romance, you know. Maybe I wasn't so much into the slams, or the angst of them being apart the whole book. Maybe I just like Will's head better than Layken's. And I understand all the reasons why it is said this book was unnecessary, such as Will being a bit less... composed when we're not looking at him from Lake's eyes, or the fact that this book doesn't really add anything that wasn't pretty much implied in the first one. And still, it was so much better. I laughed so hard with this book. I laughed at some of Will's decisions, like "do what any sane male would do" and hide in the bedroom so Lake would listen to him, or making plans with eleven year-olds to get her back. Should I gotten angry at this? Maybe. But for some reason I didn't, and it was so much fun to read about his messed up life. I laughed at Kiersten and Sherry, at their weird yet surprisingly reasonable way of thinking. I laughed at Caulder and Kel having their first crush, and their hate for Lake and Will's cheesiness. I laughed at Grandpaul and the way he "twited" the President. I butterflying laughed. This book messed with my feelings. It's all fun and games until the ex comes. It was so heartbreaking to see Lake doubting Will's love, but it was even worse to know just how much he did love her. It was hard to see Gavin and Eddie dealing with, well, life. Kiersten and the way she was bullied broke my heart, just to make me the proudest reader in the whole wide world when she stood up for herself. I even cried. I honestly cannot remember the last time I cried with a book. But there was this moment between Kel and Will that was so full of emotion, I just couldn't help it. I butterflying cried. But what ridiculously surprised me the most is just how much I enjoyed this book. And I suppose that at times I should have been mad at the author for writing some things. At first, I felt guilty. How could I enjoy a book with so many things I should hate? The cheesiness, the immaturity and the incredibility at times should have made me hate parts of this book, but I didn't. I honestly, truly, sincerely enjoyed this book from the beginning to the very end."The heart of a manis no heart at allIf his heart isn’t loved by a woman.The heart of a womanis no heart at allIf her heart isn’t loving a man.But the heart of a man and a woman in loveCan be worse than not having a heartBecause at least if you have no heart at allIt can’t die when it breaks apart."- Alive or Undead ~ 2013 -