Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout Originally posted at Alive or Undead.Rating: 5My opinion: This book was... wow. I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed this. I can honestly say that I haven't read such an incredibly amazing YA Urban Fantasy in a very long time, and I'm always into those. I think that there are three things I'd like to highlight. First of all, the characters. I thought I loved them in Half-Blood, but there's a huge improvement here. Alex, through several tragic events, grows up. What was so amazing was that it was acknowledged that her irrationality was good because it made her strong, but she had the courage to step back and be mature when she was needed. Of course that she made tons of mistakes to get there, and she will probably make tons more, but it was an incredible progress. I got to fall in love with Aiden in a way I didn't do in the last book. There, he was one more love interest. Here, he shows us just how hot, smart, kind, and badass he really is. I had read many reviews where people bitched about him being an ass, but he was anything but that. I don't think people take the time to truly understand what the Breed Order is, and what it'd mean for Alex and Aiden to be together. It takes Alex some time too, but she eventually gets it. I'm really looking forward to how Armentrout will solve this problem, or create a bigger one. However, as much as I fell in love with Aiden, I couldn't ignore Seth. I mean, can you really ignore that? He's witty, sexy, silly, and so full of himself. I loved his confidence, how he said he was the best not trying to convince you but as a fact. Also, it was one of those few times—maybe the first one—where I actually enjoyed both love interests and the relationships they shared with Alex. Aiden was the hero with the undying love, and Seth was her cuddle bunny. And you know what, I loved the way things worked in that system. From the beginning to the very end. Another thing I loved was the story. I won't lie and say that I don't usually get excited fights and romantic moments but bored with plots and explanations. Well, not the case here. I found very interesting everything related to the Apollyons, the gods, the Council, the deimons attacks, and basically everything. It was all even connected! I felt sucked by the story. I honestly couldn't stop reading. Finally, everything felt right. Reading some books you feel like it's completely unrealistic and you honestly don't get why characters do things. Every reaction made sense to me. Every action taken upon a situation, I got it. Even when it hurt, even when I wanted to punch someone, I got it. Nothing felt out of character, but lots of things where surprising because we got to know some people better. To be honest, the first book was really good, but this one stood out. It had a great pace, lovable characters, an interesting plotline, kickass moments, swoon-worthy moments, FUCKYOUJENNIFERFORMAKINGMECRY moments, and one of those where you ask yourself if you are underrating how much worse your life could be. A new favorite, for sure!“But love, child, love is the root of all that is good, and the root of all things that are evil.”