Elixir - Jennifer L. Armentrout Originally posted at Alive or Undead.Rating: 5My opinion: I know I usually don't review single short-stories—maybe I should though—, but I needed to talk about this one. Even if only for that beautiful and MEANINGFUL cover. I mean, that freaking rose. I think I'm going to cry. Anyway, I'm keeping this short. I feel like this is necessary before reading Apollyon. I've read the fourth book of the Covenant series and I can say for a fact that the beginning is not half as emotional or exciting if you haven't read Elixir. It's both hilarious and depressing to see Alex as both an evil bitch and a submissive servant. I mean, the original Alex is my favorite, but it was nice to see what she'd be like if she went down the wrong road. And Aiden is just wonderful. His point of view is very enjoyable and it just makes me love him even more, and I didn't thought that possible. He refuses to give up on Alex and he doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks, even the gods. Aiden's love for Alex is pure and simple, yet it can be judged and made complicated. However, when it matters, there's no question about it. They'd go to hell and back for each other (this could turn literal...). I loved Elixir. It was short, yet it held the emotion of so much more. It was sad, then it was happy, then it just was. Outstanding job, Armentrout.“Love is such a wild and reckless creature. It cannot be planned or threaded. It cannot be controlled. Love can coexist with Fate, or it can undo it. Love is the only thing more powerful than Fate.”