8% - 20%

Unteachable - Leah Raeder


8%The writing is mind-blowing.


 There are moments, when you’re getting to know someone, when you realize something deep and buried in you is deep and buried in them, too. It feels like meeting a stranger you’ve known your whole life.



 Just fuck me, I wanted to say. But I didn’t want him to just fuck me. I wanted this to keep going on forever, never running out of clothes or new places to be touched.



 The funny thing was that his kiss had felt like fucking me, and his fucking me felt like being kissed, everywhere, every bit of my body unbearably warm and buzzing. I had to turn away, close my eyes. Shut down some of my senses.


20%I think I could or should like Wesley, but I can never quite forget or stop that creepy-quiet-stalker-that's-gonna-rape-you feeling he gave me when we first met him.