Ridiculously entertaining.

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison


 I was going for a 4.5* rating because I had some minor issues (Dragos' speech changing from wise and old to modern slang made me pause), but then I remembered how ridiculously entertaining this book was and I decided it was amazing, I didn't just really like it. On top of that, the characters were fresh. Pia was a hilarious lunatic, and Dragos was surprisingly both old and young in his way. And together they were so damn cute. I'm really looking forward to read more about them and the sentinels. Tricks and Tiago, here I come.

“I think you’re my hero,” she said. Only half-kidding.
He stared at her, the picture of incredulity. “Most people,” he said, “think I am a very bad man.”
She studied his eyes to try to find out if that bothered him. He didn’t seem bothered by them. He seemed discomfited by her. “Well,” she said at last, “maybe you’re a very good dragon.”