0% - 10% - 21% - 37% - 58% - 70%

Trust in Me (Wait for You, #1.5) - J. Lynn


 0% - I've lost almost all my love for Armentrout, let's see if this is the exception.


 10% - Look at that, the dude is nice to people in general, not just the FL. I thought those were extinct in NA.


 21% - I thought I liked Cam, but when he started sketching the Winchester's Chevy Impala I knew I was a goner.


 37% - Ollie is fucking crazy. I want him to have a book.


 58% - I swear no one ships Avery and Cam more than Ollie. Which is unsettling, because Ollie is insane.


 70% - Yeah, yeah, Avery and Cam, Jase and Tess, all of them good with their drama-llama. But I want a book about Ollie and Brittany. They're so fucking fun.