Great preparation for Be With Me.

Trust in Me (Wait for You, #1.5) - J. Lynn


 I'm going to start off with a warning so you will not be deceived as I was. This is not a novella. This is a full-length novel that follows the events from Wait for You in Cam's POV. It's actually longer than the original (or at least Goodreads says so).

 To be quite honest, it doesn't really add much to the previous book. A little bit of Jase and Teresa, yes, but just a peek and we'll be really seeing them in Be With Me. Also, a few more scenes with Ollie, which were my favorite. If you didn't absolutely love Wait for You and Cam, I wouldn't particularly recommend you this. However, if you loved the first book and the boy like I did, then by all means go ahead and read it. Follow my lead and buy the paperback, the cover is oh, so pretty.

 That being said, I also think this is the perfect book for a re-read. As preparation for Be With Me, I decided to pick up this instead of returning to Avery's story. Second best decision of the year (the first one being eating chicken nuggets for my birthday). Cam's mind just runs smoother. Yes, you don't get the same emotional punch as you do with Avery's, but I just wanted to have the story fresh, not being able to touch the tension and the angst. On top of that, Cam is just so freaking lovable. I really liked him in Wait for You, but in Trust in Me he's off the charts. There are some things that are revealed or just better explained here that made me fall for his character all over again. And the tortoise, man, the tortoise.

 Overall, it was nice to see Cam's side of the story. I truly got to understand him better. Plus, Ollie and Avery's hair made the book for me. I'm so, so excited for Be With Me. I love Tess and Jase already!