We could have had it all... except Aline was the MC.

Again The Magic - Lisa Kleypas


My thoughts in a nutshell: I loved everything about this book, except for Aline. In my eyes, Olivia was the true heroine of the story.

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“Have you ever wanted something so much that you would do anything to have it—even knowing that it was bad for you?”
“Of course,” Adam replied. “All the truly enjoyable things in life are invariably bad for you—and they’re even better when done to excess.”

 Right now I'm incredibly mad at Lisa Kleypas because this book was excellent in so many ways. The writing, the characters, the funny banter. It was believable. It's one of those books in which you get so hooked up you forget it's fiction and you start thinking of the characters as actual people.

 It was one of these incredibly believable characters that ruined this book for me. The protagonist: LADY ALINE MARSDEN.

 I believed her all right. I believed how big of a coward, selfish bitch she was. I won't go into detail so I don't spoil you. I'll just say that she was totally unfair to McKenna during the whole book. And, let me tell you, he wasn't my all times favorite male interest, but he deserved much better. He opened up to her, forgot his pride and put himself at her mercy and what did she do? Rejected him every time because she wouldn't fucking grow up and take chances, even when she had nothing left to lose. As a matter of fact, if it weren't for Marcus, Aline and McKenna would've been unhappily ever after.

 The worst part of it all is that they were a good couple. I'm not a big fan of childhood friends to lovers, but I could see how these two would be an amazing pairing once they got together. Yet they couldn't because Aline was too busy thinking about herself. Ultimately, I didn't think she deserved her HEA. I was happy about the ending just because McKenna deserved the peace and happiness.

 But, fortunately, it wasn't all about Aline. The secondary characters were outstanding. Personally, Olivia was my favorite. She was a strong, passionate young woman, although not without her flaws. Livia's backstory was tragic, which made her rise some much better. She made mistakes along the way, but don't we all? And she accepted them and changed what she needed to become better. Unlike Aline, she was brave enough tolive.

 The other secondary characters were amazing, as well. Adam, Aline's undeserved homosexual friend, made me laugh out loud. Mrs Faircloth, Aline's mother figure, was one badass woman. Marcus was an incredible brother to Livia and Aline, and I'm looking forward to his book. At last, Gideon just made everything better. As an individual, he was interesting and hilarious. As Livia's love interest, he was simply perfect.

She smiled at him, though her hazel-green eyes were wary beneath the brim of a sodden hat. Right at that moment, staring at her across the hall, Gideon Shaw, cynic, hedonist, drunkard, libertine, fell hopelessly in love.

 I haven't read about a couple as funny, healthy, endearing and realistic as Gideon and Livia's in such a long while. They weren't flawless, but they honestly made each other happy and better.

 Overall, Again the Magic would have been fantastic and a new favorite if it weren't for Aline. Too bad she was the main character. Anyway, I'm really excited for the following books in the Wallflowers series!

Favorite quote:

McKenna asked, “Shaw... has a woman ever asked you to write a poem for her?”
“Good God, no,” Gideon replied with a snicker. “Shaws don’t write poetry. They pay others to write it for them and then they take the credit for it.”