Fuck, I really liked it.

Bitter Sweet Love - Jennifer L. Armentrout


 I was 100% prepared to hate this. I mean, I like a couple of JLA's series, but I also despite a few others. This woman publishes like 30 books a year, so we're doomed to dislike some. The problem is that sometimes it seems like a completely different person wrote the different sagas or stand-alones. She does have her characteristic way of writing IMO, it's her characters and plot that have proved a problem to me. There are books that made me laugh, and almost cry, and maybe even giggle; and then there are others like Obsidian where I can't get past the 24% because everything feels fake. Is it Armentrout or me the moody, constantly changing one?

 Anyhow, I have come to expect the worst of her, just in case. And that's the good thing about lowering your expectations, you know? One day something pretty good will happen and for you it will be amazing.

 I admit that, personally, I needed this. I was in the middle of a reading slump and I needed something of the likes to drag me out of the dark hole. For the last few weeks I've been reading just to get through it. You have no idea how many TheFineBros videos and Chicago Fire episodes I've watched. I even re-organized all my books because that felt better than actually reading them. I started the year with some fun reads, went slowly downhill and somehow got to the point where I'd refresh my feed three times a minute trying to avoid the boredom. Of course there were some good books, but the best thing lately was my re-read of Kiss of Snow. This is strongly connected to the fact that I shouldn't be reading because this week I have a few of important exams I should be studying for. I'd bet you anything that by Wednesday next week even 50 Shades of Grey will be an interesting read. (Okay, I wouldn't go that far.) So, basically, I haven't been on my best reading moment.

 Then this happened. Bitter Sweet Love introduced me to a surprisingly interesting if underdeveloped world of naughty demons and gargoyles who hunt them (yes, that pretty much sums up the world-building, but this is a novella). 

 Dez and Jas' story was sweet, funny and touching. As much as I absolutely love novellas and short-stories, if I haven't previously read about the main couple, it can be hard to actually connect with them, to care as much as I do with pairings that have their own book or saga. Fortunately, that wasn't a problem here. I was hooked and rooting for them as both a couple and individuals in no time. That's a win in my book.

 As a deep and meaningful conclusion, I'd like to tell you that if you like YA PRN go fucking try this. It's 105 pages long. It's free. What are you still doing here?