Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh


Buddy read starting March 14th in preparation for Shield of Winter with:

1. Me, your beloved Catruler. (re-read)
2. Rose (1st read)
3. Sha (1st read)
4. Kathylill (re-read)
5. Kristen (1st read)
6. Liz (1st read)
7. Lila (1st read)

And possibly, maybe:

8. Angela (re-read)
9. Armina (1st read)

If you have never read this series, I highly recommend it (since it's my all times favorite series and author) and we'd love you to join us. And if you're waiting for Vasic and Ivy's story, DO JOIN THE DARK SIDE OF RE-READS WHERE YOU CAN READ KISS OF SNOW FOUR TIMES AND A HALF IN LESS THAN A YEAR LIKE ME AND YOU WON'T BE JUDGED.

P.s.: My goal is to write reviews for all the books this time. I will. I WILL.

P.p.s.: Judd and Drew are mine. It's not arguable. Back off.