I liked the previous ones better.

Crash into You - Katie McGarry

In spite of the facts that it was insta-love; Isaiah not only wasn't my type of guy, he also didn't bring anything new to the table; Rachel's unwillingness to stand up for herself made me want to punch things sometimes; they were cheesy as fuck from the moment they laid eyes on each other; and the petname 'angel' is tacky, I (mostly) got only enjoyment out of this. Katie McGarry somehow made me end up liking cars talk, corny banter, and an extremely overprotective love interest.

My best guess on why I didn't hate this is that I love the development every single character in the book goes through. That's what makes McGarry one of my favorite authors. Things never end the way the started. It all gradually changes, morphs into something new and, sometimes, better.

One complaint I do have is how things always seem to solve themselves with a trip to the hospital. While I'm not above some accidents or eventful disasters to make the plot move, I do love to see the characters I've been rooting for a whole book stand up and fight for their happily ever after, not just come to an understatement in scrubs or a wheelchair. With all do respect for all the enjoyment is brings me, it makes it feel cheap.

Overall, your usual Katie McGarry in which middle upper class person, who somehow feels out of place in her/his world, meets orphan or someone who wished they were orphans, and they fall madly in love while they become who they truly were meant to be. And Mrs Collins helps one or both of them somehow along the way, because she's cool and disturbingly helpful like that.